Chiraag Juguth


Recent Urban Planning Graduate
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • October 11, 2021

I attended the Durban University of Technology to obtain my undergraduate degree which I completed with Cum Laude. Followed by my Honours in Urban and Regional Planning in the year 2021. I currently reside in Johannesburg.

My degrees have adequately enabled me to be an excellent problem solver, organiser, manager of projects and programmes and it has taught me to learn things promptly in a challenging environment. I have learned excellent drafting skills on many different platforms. I have even done smaller course on Project Management to further develop my skills.

After efficaciously completing my dissertation, it has equipped me with the essential skills. I have learned how to collect data, conduct analysis, identify issues from hypothesis and present these findings and recommendations to clients. Completing my Honours amidst the chaos of the Coronavirus Pandemic has made me resilient, and has heightened my abilities to work timelessly in stressful situations.

As a student tutor, I have learned many relevant skills. It has taught me the ability of quick problem solving, intercommunicating with students, the ability to convey knowledge and extensive knowledge in programmes such as AutoCAD and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for design purposes.

Working as a promoter has given me team-building skills, customer satisfaction skills, listening skills and become an excellent facilitator. Working for different major companies and environments has given me the ability to converse with a variety of people in different positions.

As a part-time receptionist, I was entrusted with dealing with clients, general office management and minor accounting duties. This has taught me to speak professionally, provide answers when possible and setting up meetings and appointments with clients.

I believe I have the skills to be an Intern at your company. I will be an asset because I am good at conveying a message to people, I can adapt quickly to new situations, I can think logically and solve problems that require attention to detail, I am very good at time management and can work efficiently with minimal supervision. Finally, I do believe I bring a sense of positivity that will fit in well in any environment.

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